The Canadians Statement


The Canadians is a conceptual photo-based series of large-scale triptychs each measuring 30” x 72” exploring the issues of identity and inclusion.

Each triptych becomes an emblematic flag which examines what it is to be a Canadian. The Canadians, Keith Davidson and Dennis Duncan play with the stereotypical images of the Canadian male (including hockey fans, lumberjacks, farmers, etc), embodying each persona. This embodiment illustrates that the “cover” does not always tell the story. In doing so, The Canadians challenge the traditional concept of maleness and worth. The Canadians purport that all Canadians have worth and deserve equality no matter what the “package”.

Celebrate Canada’s Diversity!

A selection from The Canadians was exhibited in the summer of 2005 at the Propeller Centre for Contemporary Art in Toronto in “Oh Canada”.


Keith and Dennis work together as an art-making team as well as work on individual projects.

Keith studied at the University of Regina, Alberta College of Art and graduated with honours first in painting and then in photography at the Emily Carr College of Art and Design. His works have been exhibited throughout Canada including Vancouver, Victoria, Calgary, Montreal and Toronto. In addition, his works are in private collections in Canada, the United States, Britain and France.

Dennis is a self-taught photo-based conceptual artist whose works have been exhibited in Toronto and Vancouver as well as having works in collections in Canada, the United States and Norway.

The Canadians